Acoustics & vibration and signal processing engineering
Applied research - Targeted technologies - Product to market development
Originating in the field of acoustics and vibration, we now consist of a network of specialists ranging from applied physics to signal processing.

Working closely “with” our partners, and not “for” them, we tirelessly examine situations, open routes and overcome obstacles.

Turning ideas into practice, we offer our clients strategic innovation, profitable returns and high satisfaction.
Applied research is frequently hampered by obstacles. Behavioral, technical or practical habits continuously obscure insightful solutions and lead to the reproduction of old ideas, or to discarding real potential solutions. As a result, the outcome is often not as innovative as it could have been. At IAV our added-value comes from our skilled independent perspective and our proven problem solving methodologies with a commitment to finding astonishingly innovative solutions directly deriving from studied problem. In a great number of cases our most powerful solution arise from associating very unattended domains. We are constantly nurtured by high-end projects. Our proven track record and our constant aim for evolution allow us to set aside all common problematics. Don’t contact us if you are only looking for executors.
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